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Hypnotherapy works: How a fear of flying changed my life - Doug

Updated: Mar 31, 2023


A fear of flying can affect your life

Despite being a regular long haul traveller for work, over the years I had developed a fear of flying for seemingly no obvious reason that I could put my finger on. I was a regular traveller to the United States and South America, with the occasional need to fly to Asia. I'd started to feel real anxiety and nervy over the slightest movement in the sky and even though I knew it was safe, I became convinced every flight I took would crash. It got to the stage where I dreaded even getting on a plane and spent the weeks building up to the trip worrying about it. After not having flown for two years during the Covid pandemic, I was genuinely considering changing careers to avoid ever having to fly again and taking all my summer holidays in the UK.

I saw Amanda's advert on Facebook and gave her a call. I was unsure at first about the whole concept but she put my mind at rest straight away and explained how the process worked. Our conscious mind picks up bad habits and learned behaviour. She would take me into my subconscious mind and show me that my fear of flying was completely irrational.

My only previous experience of hypnosis was in a slightly dodgy pub which I soon learned isn't real hypnotherapy. I also assumed clinical hypnotherapy meant scented candles and yoga but this isn't Amanda's style. It was an incredibly relaxing experience and despite being slightly sceptical at first, I enjoyed it very much.

After three visits and three trans Atlantic long haul flights later, my anxiety had eased completely. I was no longer panicky or anxious with clammy hands and started to feel completely calm even when there was turbulence.

Recently I flew all the way to Australia and back with virtually no anxiety at all. I couldn't even have imagined flying so far a few months ago and would have almost certainly not booked the trip.

Hypnotherapy Works! And it can help you in many ways.

However, the main benefits of my experience went well beyond my reducing my fear of flying. Within a few weeks, I lost nearly three stone. I had been trying to lose weight anyway and am a regular runner but found hypnotherapy gave me increased focussed and stopped me eating junk food and drinking beer and wine for the sake of it. I always knew chocolate, crisps, alcohol and biscuits were fattening, but ate them anyway due to boredom or habit. The whole process is connected because I also felt much less stressed and anxious generally despite having quite a busy job so I started to feel less need to binge eat or worry about things unnecessarily. No more Sunday night blues! This also lead to improved running ability, better performance at work and generally being a more positive person. I have since run the London Marathon and managed well below my target time and significantly quicker than when I last ran it a few years ago despite being 11 years older!

I cannot thank Amanda enough for the help that she has given me. The whole experience has been amazingly positive and I am so pleased I took that first step. It has changed my life completely. I know that she puts so much effort into helping people lead better lives, be the person they want to be and feel in control which is a massive inspiration. There are a lot of hypnotherapists out there, but she is the best of the best because she cares so much about her clients and takes a very practical approach to solving a particular problem.

I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Everyone is different and hypnotherapy is a very individual experience, but if nothing else has worked, what do you have to lose?

How can you see the hypnotherapy benefits?

Amanda Graham Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you with a huge variety of issues - to lose weight, reduce your alcohol intake, stop sugar cravings, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, stop smoking, cure a phobia (especially a fear of flying, dentists, dogs, cats or spiders), deal with grief, improve sports performance, mental health, or become more focussed generally. She also has experience of working with children and young people.

Amanda conducts her business from home in Topcliffe and her clients travel from Thirsk, York, Wetherby, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, Easingwold, Ripon, Richmond, Northallerton, Yarm, Teesside and Leeds.

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