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Amanda Graham

Clinical Hypnotherapist


About Me


I am a firm believer that anyone can change an aspect of their life that they are unhappy with. Whether that is a desire to cease smoking, want to reduce weight, be rid of a fear, phobia, or anxiety which is affecting their daily life. I am proud to help people make positive changes in their lives.


This is what I love doing. I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals. It is extremely rewarding.


Since I started my business, Amanda Graham Clinical  Hypnotherapy, I have provided hypnotherapy services to clients for weight loss, help to stop smoking or stop food cravings, to reduce anxiety or stress, hypnotherapy to cure phobias and insomnia, improve confidence for career progression, deal with grief, deal with bereavement and to improve sports performance.


I have also helped young people deal with exam stress, eating disorders and general self-confidence. Hypnotherapy can help with more things than you realise.


Watching a client’s self-esteem and confidence grow is incredibly humbling and rewarding. My own life experiences have enabled me to understand the complexities and issues that affect “normal” daily life and as a result, I offer a non-judgmental approach to the person who comes to me for help. The sense of satisfaction I get after each successful program cannot be put into words. I would be delighted to work with you if you so choose

Amanda having a coffee in her kitchen

Specialising in hypnosis with adults and young people

Weight Reduction

Hypnosis for weight reduction is an effective method in challenging unhelpful mindsets and moments of temptation, helping you to live a healthier life. Losing weight can be a difficult process – not made any easier by the conflicting, and often dangerous advice we are constantly bombarded with via TV, advertising and social media.

Fears & Phobias

Hypnotherapy for phobias is proven to be effective for adults and children. A phobia is a real fear. It is irrational, persistent, and unreasonable. Clammy hands, heart palpitations, jelly legs; many people experience discomfort around things that frighten them, but when it disrupts your enjoyment of life and you start to feel out of control, it needs to be addressed.

Stop Smoking

The great majority of people who chose to smoke began their habit when in early teens, often to fit in with peer groups at school, or influenced by siblings or parents. I say “chose to smoke” because it is also known that the majority of current smokers, certainly those who are reading this, would not make that decision to smoke if they could choose today.


Recent updates 

Superhero podcast cover photo.png

I recorded a podcast recently with Matt Wilson, the Kindest Strongman. Matt is an inspiring person who supports people with mental health issues and champions fitness as a means to improve overall mental and physical fitness. It was very enjoyable chatting to him.

You can find out more about his work and connect with him here.

Listen to the podcast here

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