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Hypnotherapy works! I have seen so much success in my work and am proud of my clients who make positive changes in their lives. I love to see the changes in peoples' lives, seeing their anxiety lifting and their self-esteem growing. The mind is a wonderful thing.

If you have used my services and are kind to enough to leave me a review, please do so on Google. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please send it to me privately.

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Improve your mental health


Mental health is openly talked about now, but it was a taboo subject before Covid sent the world upside down... long story short, I've suffered my entire life.. not just recently.. I went to see Amanda and I've had around 4 sessions in about a year... and it's a total game changer... the black cloud has lifted, I now wake up every day without that awful feeling of dread that many of us know so well... I've lost over 2 stone, and I genuinely feel a million dollars. Please don't confuse hypnotherapy with some dodgy holiday park entertainment. Don't suffer in silence... I guarantee life doesn't have to be so hard. Amanda is the best of the best.

Lose weight


Just to say you have completely changed my relationship with food.

I've lost 21lb in 4 months whilst having 5 holidays still enjoying socialising, drinking alcohol and without any exercise!

My whole relationship with food has changed after decades of emotional eating and beating myself up after falling off the wagon. I'm in control of my cravings and there is no pressure on me because I'm not on a diet!

Can't thank Amanda enough for changing my life!

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Cure insomnia & agoraphobia


I wanted to let you know I have had the best night's sleep that I can remember. In combination with the recording which was being overridden by my restless mind and fears of more nightmares. I'm feeling so much better and rested and we all know how much a good night's sleep can do. I am coping with so much more. 

My doctor commented a few times how much better I look!

Improve sports performance


Wow wow wow, what a difference you have made! After having a nasty fall from my horse and riding again now - I don't really know how I felt, but it was weird, but I rode the best I've ever ridden and had no fear at all, just excited nerves!

Bring on summer 2023!

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Reduce stress and anxiety



The HRT patches have been great for my mood. My stress levels are minimal, I no longer work full time.

My anxiety levels did increase through the house and job move, but that's all settled.  I'm in a much better place mentally. Thank you.

Managing a limited diet



I saw Amanda for a session to help me with aspects of my diet. I was really struggling to eat certain foods but I knew it was all in my head.


Since my session, I've had great success and been able to have a more varied diet. Amanda made me feel really relaxed and at ease. I would definitely recommend her!

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Weight loss



I first went to see Amanda in October 2022. I wanted help with weight loss. I have now lost 4.5 stone in 9 months!


There is no way I would have been this successful without her help. Amazing help I would 100% recommend.

Anxiety and alcohol



Hi Amanda, just like to thank you very much for getting my life back on track. You won't believe the difference its made to me! I am much more confident. I feel more relaxed and when I go into a situation where I would've normally panicked, I just tell myself that I'm 'in control'. 


It’s the best £65 I've ever spent, once again thank you very much!

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